Private Cloud Suite

More Control Over Your Cloud Infrastructure

If your company wants to have total control over every aspect of your cloud infrastructure, we’ve got a cloud product solution for you.

We know what companies dislike about cloud services, and so we’re challenging the status quo by making a private cloud suite solution at an affordable price. Here’s a list of what you won’t have to deal with:

  1. Support is traditionally ineffective until you find the right person, and when that support person leaves to go elsewhere, they take an understanding of your solution with them that may not be documented
  2. Cloud providers typically offer limited data for troubleshooting performance issues
  3. DDoS attacks are common for shared cloud environments
  4. Shared cloud environments profit from over-subscription of their physical resources, and have a goal to over-subscribe as much as their environment will allow
  5. Shared cloud environments typically don’t disclose the quality of their physical infrastructure
  6. Lengthy contract terms for small projects
  7. Performance issues due to the environment being oversubscribed too highly
  8. DDoS attacks or hacking because someone else in the shared environment ticked some people off

Private Cloud Suite Infrastructure Overview

The standard private cloud suite incorporates pieces of infrastructure specifically geared to mitigate problems and allow for flexibility in the solution.

  • FortiDDoS appliances mitigate attacks
  • Layer 3 switches give you an ideal entry point for your customers to extend their network onto your private cloud environment
  • Layer 2 switches give you a secure layer to scale your physical cloud infrastructure
  • Resource-laden server hosts provide the resource pool of RAM and CPU to oversubscribe and apply to your virtual machines
  • Virtual firewalls, VPNs and load balancers provided by VMware
  • 10 Gbps Storage Switches give you a large pipe to move data across to the SAN
  • Real-time auto-tiering storage makes sure that your applications run on the fastest drives possible when needed (7k, 10k and SSD)

Mini-suite Option

If you’re unable to jump into a full Private Cloud Suite, then a mini-suite would suite you best. It still allows you the ability to grow into a full Private Cloud Suite solution, but at a lower monthly cost. Different from the Private Cloud Suite, the mini-suite has no DDoS mitigation appliances, and has collapsed the Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. Additionally, the mini-suite comes with less SAN storage – it’s still the real-time auto-tiering between 7k, 10k and SSD, but with less 7k and 10k drives.


Dedicated, Qualified Support Individual

Packaged with a Private Cloud Suite is a dedicated support individual who you can call directly 24×7 for assistance. This support individual is VMware VCP certified, and would be highly involved in the setup of your infrastructure. Built into the contract is an option for your company, at the end of the contract to hire away that support individual to work directly for you (should that individual accept your offer) and you simply pay us a finders fee.

Private Cloud Suite Options

There are many flexible solutions for a Private Cloud Suite, including: hybrid solutions, failover disaster recovery, PCI/HIPAA compliance, Intrusion Detection / Prevention, FortiGate or other appliances and architechture to manage each Private Cloud Suite cell located in a geographic diverse region with a single login.

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